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Good Evening!

Have you ever heard the famous word courage? What exactly is courage, and how do we apply it to our daily lives? Well, in the Air Force perspective courage is being scared half to death, but doing it anyhow. Do you struggle with courage, and having to face hard challenges that come your way day by day? We can apply courage to our daily lives, by standing up to what’s right, and looking at a task or area in our lives that may try to tear us apart. Simply put, courage is with you every day, and you can apply it to your daily lives.

Have you ever heard of the Air Force Core Values? Well, I sure have because I use them ever day, and will always use them. Let me define each one, and if there are any Military experts out there, please feel free to jump in, and add to in the comments.

Integrity: That is the ability to do what’s right even when no one is around to watch you, or correct you. This Core value is so important in our daily lives, we should never forget it.

Service Before Self: What exactly does that mean? I believe that means that we are expected to serve our country, before we concentrate on ourselves.

( I may be wrong, so please excuse me)

Excellence in all we do: We should have excellence in everything we do in our daily lives, and we should hold true to that core value because it will help us become a better person, and eventually lead us to become our better selves.

Respect: Respect should be at the very top of the list. We should hold true to respect because if we don’t have respect people will look at us and think that we have no respect for ourselves, and that we can’t respect others. We should respect in everything we do, and remember to respect yourself to, because that will help you in your life.

I hope that every service man out there stays safe, and holds true to the Core Values. With that I close, and say- God Bless America.

Yours truly,

Cadet Hayes

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