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Hello Horse lovers,

I know that I have not been posting things for a long time. ( I’m absolutely sorry to my followers for that) This specific post is for all horse lovers who may have a horse, or know a lot about the life of horses. I thought in this post that I would ask questions about horses because I am a horse lover and I need some assistance in the area of horses. This is not my usual type of posting, but I could not think of anything else at the moment. So hang tight and try to not fall out of the saddle folks!


  1. What is the best type of horse for endurance riding?
  2. How do you walk a horse?
  3. What is the best companion horse?
  4. Where is the best place to buy a horse?
  5. How smart are horses?
  6. What is a cross breed?
  7. A horses love is powerful. How do you talk to a horse and be able to actually hear what they are saying back to you?
  8. How does a horse sense your feelings?

I know that horses are very loving and I know some things but not enough. I hope that I can learn something new, and that ya’ll enjoy this article. Stay safe ya’ll!


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2 responses to “Horse lovers this is for you!

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  1. Good to see you here! Hope you’ve been well. Although I worked as a stablehand for a while, my knowledge of horses is far from complete (in fact they are still a mystery to me). But I think questions 7 and 8 are very interesting and actually related. The answer is short: body language. Once you learn to read the cues you can tell so much about a horse (how soft the eyes are, what the ears are doing, how relaxed its muscles seem, etc.). And horses read us in the same way; they can tell from a mile off whether you’re nervous or angry or even very happy. If you’ve never watched a video by Buck Brannaman, I recommend checking him out on YouTube. He actually explains “horse talk” in human terms in a lot of his lectures. I hope this helps, and best wishes to you and your horse friends! 🙂

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