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I have just been inspired to start writing my own poetry after watching the movie “The Dead Poets Society” We had watched this movie in class, and It really moved me. Me and my team are currently working on writing a whole bunch of poetry, and I thought that this poem that I wrote you would enjoy. As time goes on and we finish writing more poetry that we like, I’ll put it up. I hope you enjoy this. Thank you for your time.



Alone in the dark,

Shaking with a mark of fear,

You’ve been chased, and have nowhere to go,

Lased with the mark of your enemies, now what?

Be brave, and fight back,

They don’t see the fear in your eyes, for you are brave!

Clash!, pop!, stab, BANG!

Use your mind, and fight,  

Watchout kid, behind you!

It’s over. You won this one.

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