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Hi Ya’ll,

Ya, I know that it has been a long time since I have blogged on my site. I have been really busy in school, and with the Civil Air Patrol. I am going to put a few pictures on this post, and this is kinda like a treasure hunt to all my readers. Can you find the Hidden Truth? Please comment below if you know what the Hidden truth is..

So, what is the Hidden Truth?

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Go Fund Me needed   Leave a comment

I am doing a go fund me for a trip to Elpaso Texas for some training with Out Ward Bound. I was hoping to get some assistance if your interested. Thank you.


If you have questions you may comment to me.


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A handful of Grit   Leave a comment


We have all heard of the famous word Grit. ( No, I don’t mean the gravel grit ya walk on) What exactly is Grit, and what do we use it for in our daily lives? Grit is defined as doing something that no one would imagine doing. We use Grit in the Air force, Civil Air Patrol, and in our daily lives. It takes Grit to become a 5 star General. It takes Grit to become President of the United States, and it takes Grit to become you. Now, as John Wayne says- It takes true grit to become a real cowboy. When we go through hard times in our lives we can remember Grit, and that we should apply it to our daily lives. The question is- Do you have grit?


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The Truth Behind it   Leave a comment

Good Evening Cadets!

This post is to Active Duty Military personal, or Retired. Today’s topic is going to be kinda long, but I hope that It touches the hearts of our Military Personal, and or Active Duty. Have you ever heard of the United States Civil Air Patrol which is connected to the United States Air Force? Well, when I joined our Squadron I had a very pleasing welcoming. Our Squadron bases all of our drill, ceremonies, promotions, uniform inspection, missions, and many other things as they would in the United States Air Force. Well, I have now been in our Squadron for 4 months, and I am a Cadet Airman 1st Class. ( Kinda like Private first Class). The Civil Air Patrol is a great place for cadets to get a feeling for the Air Force. Before I had found out about the Civil Air Patrol I had always wondered how I could serve my country as a teen. That’s when my best friend told me about CAP. Our Squadron has really come a very long way, and I hope that I can be a great leader in our squadron. Now, CAP requires a lot of things from you, and they want you to memorize things. One of the things that I had to memorize was the Cadet Oath, which symbolizes your ability to learn, and push forward. Let’s break the cadet oath down into pieces and define each section of it. Line by line.

We’ll fight till we die.

The Cadet Oath is as follows:

I pledge that I will serve faithfully in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet program.

This means that I as a Cadet will Serve my country faithfully, and not let my other buddy’s down.

And that I will attend meetings regularly, participate actively in unit activities.

This means that It is my responsibility as a Cadet Of CAP to show up on time, and be a follower in unit activities. It is not my job to chase the other cadets around and tell them to show up.

And Obey my officers, wear my uniform properly and advance my education and training rapidly to prepare myself to be of service to my state and nation.

This means that it is my job to Respect my officers, team leaders, and myself. I am also to wear the Uniform with pride and honor because it is the actual Air force Uniform, and that is a huge honor to even get to own your own uniforms. Last, but not least I am to grow in this program so that I am ready to join the field when I graduate.

Our Squadron is growing, and we continue to serve and protect our country no matter what comes our way. Remember- Train the way we fight, and fight the way we train.

Hats to America,

C/ A1c Hayes- Claridge

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Good Evening!

Have you ever heard the famous word courage? What exactly is courage, and how do we apply it to our daily lives? Well, in the Air Force perspective courage is being scared half to death, but doing it anyhow. Do you struggle with courage, and having to face hard challenges that come your way day by day? We can apply courage to our daily lives, by standing up to what’s right, and looking at a task or area in our lives that may try to tear us apart. Simply put, courage is with you every day, and you can apply it to your daily lives.

Have you ever heard of the Air Force Core Values? Well, I sure have because I use them ever day, and will always use them. Let me define each one, and if there are any Military experts out there, please feel free to jump in, and add to in the comments.

Integrity: That is the ability to do what’s right even when no one is around to watch you, or correct you. This Core value is so important in our daily lives, we should never forget it.

Service Before Self: What exactly does that mean? I believe that means that we are expected to serve our country, before we concentrate on ourselves.

( I may be wrong, so please excuse me)

Excellence in all we do: We should have excellence in everything we do in our daily lives, and we should hold true to that core value because it will help us become a better person, and eventually lead us to become our better selves.

Respect: Respect should be at the very top of the list. We should hold true to respect because if we don’t have respect people will look at us and think that we have no respect for ourselves, and that we can’t respect others. We should respect in everything we do, and remember to respect yourself to, because that will help you in your life.

I hope that every service man out there stays safe, and holds true to the Core Values. With that I close, and say- God Bless America.

Yours truly,

Cadet Hayes

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Horse lovers this is for you!   2 comments

Hello Horse lovers,

I know that I have not been posting things for a long time. ( I’m absolutely sorry to my followers for that) This specific post is for all horse lovers who may have a horse, or know a lot about the life of horses. I thought in this post that I would ask questions about horses because I am a horse lover and I need some assistance in the area of horses. This is not my usual type of posting, but I could not think of anything else at the moment. So hang tight and try to not fall out of the saddle folks!


  1. What is the best type of horse for endurance riding?
  2. How do you walk a horse?
  3. What is the best companion horse?
  4. Where is the best place to buy a horse?
  5. How smart are horses?
  6. What is a cross breed?
  7. A horses love is powerful. How do you talk to a horse and be able to actually hear what they are saying back to you?
  8. How does a horse sense your feelings?

I know that horses are very loving and I know some things but not enough. I hope that I can learn something new, and that ya’ll enjoy this article. Stay safe ya’ll!


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Stalactite Two   2 comments


I took these pictures this morning in the early morning when the sun was coming up. I am still learning on how to take really good pictures, so please enjoy the beauty within. Stay tuned for the Surprises that will be coming later!

Such Beauty!

Hope you enjoy the beauty within!

Can’t wait to hear from all of you!

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Stalactite   2 comments


I took these pictures in the dark in 10 degrees Fahrenheit. (I’m not joking) Do you have any guesses on where I took them, and what Stalactite means? Feel free to leave a comment for me. Thanks!



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Inspired by “The Dead Poets Society”   Leave a comment


I have just been inspired to start writing my own poetry after watching the movie “The Dead Poets Society” We had watched this movie in class, and It really moved me. Me and my team are currently working on writing a whole bunch of poetry, and I thought that this poem that I wrote you would enjoy. As time goes on and we finish writing more poetry that we like, I’ll put it up. I hope you enjoy this. Thank you for your time.



Alone in the dark,

Shaking with a mark of fear,

You’ve been chased, and have nowhere to go,

Lased with the mark of your enemies, now what?

Be brave, and fight back,

They don’t see the fear in your eyes, for you are brave!

Clash!, pop!, stab, BANG!

Use your mind, and fight,  

Watchout kid, behind you!

It’s over. You won this one.

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Merry Christmas!   1 comment

Ho Ho!,

Merry Christmas Friends! I hope that your season is a very jolly one. I thought that I would put some pictures up of the joy we have had so far. I wish you all a happy New Year! Yours truly, Ryan.

Dancing Round the Christmas tree.
The best part of Christmas.
A special season of joy!

Thank you for viewing this post. Have a great time, and stay safe in all of your travels.


Ryan Hayes.

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