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Hello Horse lovers,

I know that I have not been posting things for a long time. ( I’m absolutely sorry to my followers for that) This specific post is for all horse lovers who may have a horse, or know a lot about the life of horses. I thought in this post that I would ask questions about horses because I am a horse lover and I need some assistance in the area of horses. This is not my usual type of posting, but I could not think of anything else at the moment. So hang tight and try to not fall out of the saddle folks!


  1. What is the best type of horse for endurance riding?
  2. How do you walk a horse?
  3. What is the best companion horse?
  4. Where is the best place to buy a horse?
  5. How smart are horses?
  6. What is a cross breed?
  7. A horses love is powerful. How do you talk to a horse and be able to actually hear what they are saying back to you?
  8. How does a horse sense your feelings?

I know that horses are very loving and I know some things but not enough. I hope that I can learn something new, and that ya’ll enjoy this article. Stay safe ya’ll!



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Stalactite Two   2 comments


I took these pictures this morning in the early morning when the sun was coming up. I am still learning on how to take really good pictures, so please enjoy the beauty within. Stay tuned for the Surprises that will be coming later!

Such Beauty!

Hope you enjoy the beauty within!

Can’t wait to hear from all of you!

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Stalactite   2 comments


I took these pictures in the dark in 10 degrees Fahrenheit. (I’m not joking) Do you have any guesses on where I took them, and what Stalactite means? Feel free to leave a comment for me. Thanks!



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Inspired by “The Dead Poets Society”   Leave a comment


I have just been inspired to start writing my own poetry after watching the movie “The Dead Poets Society” We had watched this movie in class, and It really moved me. Me and my team are currently working on writing a whole bunch of poetry, and I thought that this poem that I wrote you would enjoy. As time goes on and we finish writing more poetry that we like, I’ll put it up. I hope you enjoy this. Thank you for your time.



Alone in the dark,

Shaking with a mark of fear,

You’ve been chased, and have nowhere to go,

Lased with the mark of your enemies, now what?

Be brave, and fight back,

They don’t see the fear in your eyes, for you are brave!

Clash!, pop!, stab, BANG!

Use your mind, and fight,  

Watchout kid, behind you!

It’s over. You won this one.

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Merry Christmas!   Leave a comment

Ho Ho!,

Merry Christmas Friends! I hope that your season is a very jolly one. I thought that I would put some pictures up of the joy we have had so far. I wish you all a happy New Year! Yours truly, Ryan.

Dancing Round the Christmas tree.
The best part of Christmas.
A special season of joy!

Thank you for viewing this post. Have a great time, and stay safe in all of your travels.


Ryan Hayes.

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Tis The Season To Be Jolly.   Leave a comment

Merry Christmas friends!,

I am so very happy that the season to be joyful is here at last! I really am enjoying the chance to be thankful for all of the great blessings that are before me this year.  As you know this is the time of year that you have to do shopping, go places, get ready for for your kids to come home, visit family, and stuff your belly full of delicious food. I am thankful that I can have a great family who loves me, and to be able to go get an education like I am getting.  This is also the time of year that Santa just happens to come along your block, and looks to see who is being good, or if he needs to give a piece of black coal to somebody.  (Ho, Ho..)   I hope that everybody has a very blessed Christmas this year, and has so much much fun.  I pray for everyone who is out there this year  who may not have a Christmas at all, and that they would stay safe.  So I will say good bye with a funny little meme, and have a blessed Christmas.  Freshman Ryan Hayes.  

Image result for i heard santa on the roof so I turned on the fire place meme

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Remember The Heroes…   1 comment


How is everybody doing on this very Important day?  I just wanted to say Thank you to all of those heroes who sacrificed their lives to fight on Pearl Harbor. This is a day of remembrance for everyone who suffered the sudden attack on December 7, 1941.  I just don’t understand how people can do such horrid things, and we have to remember those things that others did. I remember that I had to do a school report on this very tragic attack. So, I thank all of those people who died and are still alive from fighting in this terrible fight.   I found this song about Pearl Harbor.  So God bless you all and have a great night! – Ryan 

Let’s remember Pearl Harbor-

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